b'PRIEST LAKEHiking& Snowmobile Trails APPWhether its a simple walk in the woods, access to great fishing or hunting spots, mushroom and/orhuckleberrypicking,astrenuousbikeclimb orrippingupasnow-coveredmountainsideyou hunger for, the Priest Lake Trails system provides something for everyone year-round.Take a minute today to download this incredible exploration tool and find great new ways to explore one of the largest and best-maintained trail systems in the country, the Priest Lake Trails system.Priest Lake isnt just a place - its an experience!!!! Search for Priest Lake Trails at your favorite The 2019 Priest Lake Trails App has been updatedapp store or priestlake.org for the link.and improved as the perfect navigational tool for adventure seekerscomingtoPriestLakeforthefirsttimeorthe hundredth time, that allows users to quickly find the perfect route to a one-of-a-kind Priest Lake experience.Thehikingtrailsaresortedbydegreeofdifficulty: easy,moderateanddifficult.Varioushikingdirections and photos have been updated. The snowmobile trails are listed as family rides, great views and high mountain ridges. Check with local agencies for any recent closures.TheHikingandTrailAppnowincludestwonew sections for your enjoyment. Nordic skiing is featured with links to the groomed trail report, locations and photos. Thepopularfourwheelersandfourbyfourshave endless miles to explore at Priest Lake.The snowmobile map opens numerous options for the seasoned rider.PRIESTLAKEPAINTINGQuality Professional WorkAll Phases(208) 304-0661Gary Abbs - owner16 Priest Lake, Idahowww.priestlake.org'