b'Old Northern Innthen and now.FredForsytheranthehotelduringWorldWarIIasthe Hillcrest Lodge, selling it after the war to the Staples family, The Old Northern Inn is the oldest hostelry in northernwho promoted the lakes only complete lodge with cocktail Idaho.LocatedonPriestLakeinCoolin,Idaho,thelounge. In the 1960s, and 70s, the historic building went two-story log hotel was built in 1900 by Walt Williams,throughseveralincarnationsasaboardinghouse,bar, an employee of the Great Northern Railroad. One of aand restaurant under the various names of Dyers Resort, number of lodges created to attract more passengersHoudinis, Capt Eddys and Eduardos. More than one couple totherailline,theNorthernInnistheonlyonethatwho still come to the lake met there during those years.remains from the early days of Idaho statehood whenIn the early 1990s, after sitting empty for seven years, the mining, timber, and tourism businesses were beginning90-yearoldbuildingwasrestoredbyPhilandLorraine to develop around Priest Lake. Battaglia, longtime lake people.They fashioned a bed and The Northern Hotel was purchased in 1917 by Ida Handy,breakfast with six rooms fitted with period antiques, and whohadalreadymadeasuccessfulbusinesswithadded a dock with six berths for guests to use.Today the another hotel, the Idaho Inn. For more than twenty years,Inn is owned by David Summers and Beatrice Camp, and Ida Handy oversaw one of the most successful touristmanaged by Kirsten Broberg. operations at Priest Lake.29'