b'BOATINGRegulationsDISTANCES FOR NO-WAKE ZONES:Within 200 from any shoreline, dock, pier, other structure or any person in theEurasian Milfoil is an water shall be no-wake. increasing problem in Within 50 of any other vessel shall be no-wake. the waterways of Bonner The Thorofare to Upper Priest Lake is a no-wake zone Operation at not moreCounty, please inspect than 5 miles per hour nor more than six-inch wake whichever is greater.your vessel and trailer and WAKE SURFING: remove any weeds during Help protect the shoreline and boats parked at docks - ride the core of the lake,launching and recovery.NOT along the shoreline.AGE REQUIREMENT FOR MOTORBOATS:It shall be unlawful to operate or to allow the operation of a motor-driven watercraft by a person under the age of ten (10) except under direct adult supervision.The age restriction provided for shall apply to the operation of personal watercraft.It shall be unlawful to operate or to allow someone to operate a motor-driven watercraft when the operator is between the ages of ten (10) to fourteen (14) without adult SUPERVISION unless the vessel is powered by a motor rated at ten (10) horsepower or less. Children 14 years of age or younger are required to wear a life jacket on all boats 19 feet or less, when the vessel is underway.SPEED LIMITS:Within two hundred (200) feet of any shoreline or any dock, pier, other structure, or any person in the water, will be designated as no-wake zone or five (5) miles per hour.Within one hundred (100) feet of any other vessel, the speed shall be reasonable and prudent, but not in excess of fifteen (15) miles per hour.At night, where the speed is not otherwise restricted, the speed limit shall not exceed twenty-five (25) miles per hour.During the day, where speed is not otherwise restricted, the speed limit shall be reasonable and prudent, but not in excess of fifty (50) miles per hour. GOING TO THE UPPER LAKE: Give way to kayaks, canoes, rowboats or any other non-motorized vehicles. Maintainawakelessspeedtoavoidcausingthe shoreline to erode and eventually fill the Thorofare.Please keep the Upper Lake as a catch-and-release fish zone only.Respectthenaturalenvironmentandothersby leaving the loud noises and blaring music to the lower lake. Cruise the Upper Lake, heeding the no-wake zone, distances above, and abiding the no board sports or tubing rule.SOUND AMPLICATION SYSTEMS:Itisunlawfulforanyoperatorofavesseltocause, operate,orpermittheoperationof,anysound amplification system to include but not limited to items such as radios, compact disc players or attached portable music devices which can be heard outside of the vessel from two hundred (200) or more feet when the vessel is being operated on Bonner County waters, unless that system is being operated to request assistance or warn of a hazardous situation.Exceptions: This section shall not apply to any motor driven watercraft being operated under emergency conditions or by any authorized agent of any law enforcement agency of the State of Idaho, or the United States of America, or any political subdivision, while said agent is acting in the performance of his duties, or any aircraft which is landing or taking off on the water.30 Priest Lake, Idahowww.priestlake.org'