b'History toWildernessbyBoatThis full-day boat trip will step you back in time when the Tyee plied these waters. The second of two Tyees was built entirely Priest Lake Museum ofnativewoodinCoolinin1935byEd Elliot and Ralph Smith.Each day Captain Walking Schedule 2019 Markham sailed it out of Coolin Bay loaded withsupplies,mail,andapassengeror two up the west shore making stops at the The Priest Lake Museum Association (PLMA) will host two walksresorts and homes, through the Narrows leaving the Kalispell Bay Day Use parking lot on July 11th and 25th thispast Twin Islands to Mosquito Bay where summer.Both will begin at 9am and will be led by one or more of theyou can view her ribs in the sandbar.Museum volunteers.The event is open to the public no charge butLoadyourboatwithlunchand donations to the PLMA are gladly accepted. familyandheadnorth.Afterpassing ThefirstwalkonThursdaythe11thwilltakeaboutanhourKalispelIsland,hugtheshoretoview including visiting an old abandoned mining site up in the hills withthe hieroglyphics on the granite outcrop panoramic views of the lower lake.Vertical gain is about 400 feet on aknown as Indian Rock.jeep trail and single track. Withtheinstallationofthedamat The second will be on Thursday the 25th and will be longer, aboutOutletBay,thelakelevelrosetoallow two hours with almost double the vertical gain and more spectacularmotorizednavigationonupperPriest vistas.It will include the mining site visited on the previous walk andRiver known as The Thorofare.Head your then a rather strong cardio workout for the next 20 minutes to the top.boat west between the channel markers After that its mainly downhill from there.being careful to protect your prop in the Please bring water and whatever snacks you like. shallow water. On a 45-minute NO WAKE Call Carlos Landa 509-951-0239 trip up river, watch for wildlife, ducks, fish, bear, eagles and usually a moose grazing Priest Lake Museum Guided Walks near the mouth of the upper lake.Enjoy wilderness with lunch, a swim, JULY 11 9amMeet at the Kalispell Bay Day Use parking lotand some floating around void of phones for about an hour walk and a vertical gain of aboutor services before returning through the 400.Highlights include a mine site and panoramicsame channel to the lower lake.Hug the views of the lake. eastern shore past Bear Creek, Pinto Point, JULY 25 9amMeet at the Kalispell Bay Day Use parking lotand Indian Creek Campground.Glide into the back of Eight Mile Island stopping at for about a two hour walk and vertical gain of abouttheVinther-NelsonHistoricCabin.This 800 with even more spectacular vistas. landmarkwasdonatedtotheForest Service by the host family in 1982.Dock and stretch your legs for a tour around the grounds.(Summer hours 10 am - 3 pm Wednesday thru Saturday.)Further south is Cavanaugh Bay, which wasthebustlingheadquartersofthe Diamond Match Company during the mid-1900s with bunk houses, floating cabins, and a lively cook shack. You are welcome to tour the Blue Diamond Marina clear span storage building, an engineers delight.By Carolyn Deshler37'