b'50 Years of SoftballShenaniganson SNOWSHOESWhat began as a Priest Lake winter challenge in 1969 is now agenerationaltraditionformanyparticipants,spectatorsand businesses.TheAnnualSnowshoeSoftballTournamentstartedin 1970 by founders George Brick Harris & Fred Bud Adams has grown to a three weekend winter event, played on two fields with 12 teams, 132 players, up to 9 games per weekend, a dozen or so pink dyed 14 inch softballs, a $1000 purse, and countless beers served at the local bars. Octobermeetings.Tiffanyisnowthe Each four inning game is played on plastic snowshoes and followssecretary/treasurerfortheAssociationand ASA fast pitch rulesno lead offs, no stealing bases and no wind upstoldmethebiggestchangesshehasseen for the pitchers. The softball is dyed pink (so its visible in the snow)is the tournament is more relaxed and not and the fields are lined with red Jell-O.The pitchers mound is aso competitive. The years up until the 90s piece of carpet for traction.sawannouncerscallingoutplayer/team Teams have made their way to Priest Lake from all over, comingstatsintrueHarryCareyfashion,trained from as far as San Francisco, Ca(Thundershoes) and Corvallis, ORASAumpires,andagamethatbecameso (The Squirrels). Greg Little of the Squirrels (a nickname that followedcontroversial and competitive, the association him from high school) found his way to the tournament in 1991.had to incorporate a 3-strike behavioral rule When he stopped in to watch the championship game, his cousinfor teams and players. Although fun is still Willard Pee Wee Little was announcing the game with Bud Adams.had, the level of sportsmanship is admirable. Gregs team started playing in 1992 and played for 21 years. ForAfter all, the majority of the guys playing are most of the teams, the connections to the tournament, founders,in their 40s and 50s; theyve been playing players have now crossed generational lines. Tiffany Adams, grandtogetheroragainsteachothersincehigh daughter-in-lawtoBudAdams,firstexperiencedthetournamentschool, college and/or rec leagues and now in 1997 and then started helping Grandma Scoot with the annualtheir kids are participating in the tournament. I have watched teams come and go in the last 22 years, been a part of multiple Priest Lake businesses that promote this amazing event by bringing specials and bands to make the weekends that much more fun (if thats even a possibility?). I have made friends who textmefromCostaRicawithinformation abouthisconnectiontothistournament, been a part of shenanigans I only talk about incertaincompany,andhaveseenthe excitement and enjoyment my husband gets out of setting up the fields, playing, umping and being a part of a sport that has been such an important part of his life. The last 50 years of the Snowshoe Softball Tournament will hopefully continue for the next 50 years and with it, the generational Priest Lake connections can only grow.by Frankie DunnH E A LT H Y I D A H O F O R E S T S ,H E A LT H Y E C O N O M I C F U T U R EW O O D F O R A G R O W I N G W O R L DI D F G . C O M | ( 2 0 8 ) 7 7 2 - 6 0 3 339'