b'MUSHROOMS PRIEST LAKEAt Priest Lake Memory GardensPriestLakeMemoryGardenswasestablished inAugust,2014,toprovideaplaceofserenity andreflectionatPriestLakeforrememberingand honoring loved ones.It was created after many years of research with the formation of Priest Lake Memorial Gardens, Inc., an Idaho non-profit corporation, with IRS recognition as a 501(c)(3) organization.Inkeepingwiththe beautifullandscape thatnaturehasalready provided,theGarden willincludeavarietyof trees,largeoldcedar stumps,gentlepathways andaquietpond.The Gardenswillincorporate sponsoredanddedicatedalcoves,pathwayswith SpringatPriestLakemeansitistimetostartindigenous plants, artwork and memorial plaques on hunting for Morel mushrooms, one of the most soughtvertical stone walls to commemorate loved ones and after, mushrooms in our area. to share memories with the Priest Lake community. Coral mushrooms in the spring are also gathered.We encourage you to visit the four-acre site located at In the fall Chanterelles are a favorite. One of thethe Priest Lake Golf Course on Fairway Drive, just east worlds most-prized mushrooms grows at Priest Lake,of Priest Lake Elementary School.this is the Boletus Edulis. For more information, to donate, sponsor or It is excellent fresh as well as dried. When thisvolunteer, visit our website at:mushroom is dried it enhances the flavor. priestlakememorygardens.com.Some of the other mushrooms which grow herePriest Lake Memory Gardens, are Hen of the Woods, Honey Mushrooms, ShaggyPO Box 32Coolin, ID 83821Mane and Puff Balls, as well as many others. One of the favorite mushrooms from our area and particularly sought after by the Japanese are the Matsutaki.It has an excellent, pungent flavor which is especially good in Japanese dishes.There are also some very dangerous mushrooms which grow in the Priest Lake area and have dangerous sounding names, such as Destroying Angel,so before embarkingonamushroomhuntandifyoudont have an expert with you to identify the mushrooms Iwouldsuggestgettingagoodmushroombook tohelpyouidentifythedifferentspecies,Iwould recommend The Mushrooms Hunters Field Guide by Alexander H. Smith or Mushrooms Demystified by David AuroraLois Hill Morel MushroomsRecipes to enjoy survivor style or linen chicSteak and MorelsSautmushroomsinbutterandchoppedonionsand parsley. When moisture has been absorbed add salt and pepper to taste. Serve over broiled steakScrambled eggs and MorelsSaut morels in butter until moisture has been absorbed. Fold into eggs and scramble. Salt and pepper to taste.42 Priest Lake, Idahowww.priestlake.org'