b'NATURES PANTRY:Everyone is Welcomeby Betty GardnerAsyouwalkthroughtheforests,valleys,hillsandmountainsofHuckleberry Glace PieNorthand Priest Lake you may not realize that often you are passing by plants and mushrooms that are edible and have many uses.Native9 baked pie shell or prepackaged graham Americans were aware of hundreds of plants that they used for food,cracker crustmedicine, tea, rope, baskets, clothing, roofs, insulation and much more.6 cups Huckleberries about 1quartsMany of the foods that early settlers gathered in the wild kept them alive1 cup waterwhen food they raised ran low. Most wild edibles but not all are organic. cup honey (or 1 cup sugar)When gathering wild foods, stay away from plants on roadsides which3 tablespoons cornstarchmay have residues from ice removal chemicals and are often sprayed16 ounces softened cream cheesewith herbicides. Native plants are not GMOs.1 teaspoon vanilla andcup honey mixed Mostofusarefamiliarwithbirdidentificationbooksbutdonttogetherstop there. When hiking and visiting the forest a good book on plantMash enough berries to make one cup. Leave identification is a lot of fun to have along. There are countless booksthe rest of the berries whole and set aside. Stir on wild ferns, mushrooms, flowers, herbs, berries and related topics. cups honey (or 1 cup sugar) and corn starch You can Google articles or pictures about a specific plant. There is a tontogether. Gradually stir in mashed berries and of information including where to find them and possible uses. Whenwater.Cookovermedium/highheatstirring buying a book, look for one with really good photos or drawings. If youconstantly until mixture thickens. Bring to boil are perplexed as to what to give a loved one for Christmas, why not givefor one minute.Once thick remove and cool. them a book and make a date for a hike, picnic and day out identifyingSpread cream cheese mixture into pie shell. Add plants? If you time it right, you might find huckleberries while you are atwhole berries and top with the cooked berries. it. Pressing flowers to make cards or to frame is also fun. Just rememberChill at least 3 hours.never to pick all of the flowers of any one plant. Leave some behind to reseed the patch. Dont dig up roots or remove plants. Treat berryHuckleberry Cordial bushes gently so nothing you do endangers or wipes out an entire patch. Tread gently, only leaving footsteps behind. One gallon of fruit Heres a few recipes to inspire you followed with some books I have1 cup honey or other sweetenerin my library. If you dont like overly sugary deserts these are good gallon brandy or vodkagoodies and easy to make. Fillaone-gallonglassjarwithHuckleberries, (Blackcap berries or plums work just as well). Use only ripe, fresh fruit, no leaves or stems, make sure fruit is not moldy. Addgallon of brandy or Huckleberry Bars vodka. Add one cup of honey, or other sweeter. I cup chopped walnuts or pecansMixhoney,flours,oatmeal(orwheatAdd enough water to eliminate any air space.cup of honeygerm)andbutteruntilcrumbly,dontPut on a well-fitting lid. Tip jar a few times tocup butterovermix. Take 2 cups of this and pat intomix ingredients. Store in a dark closet. Open and 1teaspoon cinnamon baking pan. Mix other ingredients intoserve at Christmas. Enjoy the fruit too.1 cup whole wheat flourthe unused portion of flour mix, stirringBooks I have used: Cobb, B (1963). Roger Troy Peterson, Field Guides,teaspoon saltlightly adding huckleberries last.SpreadFerns, Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company Neihaus, T.F, Ripper, C.L. (1976). Peterson Field Guides, Pacific States Wild Flowers, Boston: Houghton 1 cup unbleached white flourthis batter on top of first layer already inMifflin Company Kershaw, L. (2000). Edible & Medicinal Plants of the 1 teaspoon baking powderpan. Bake until cake is springy and thinRockies, Auburn, WA: Lone Pine Press Crowhurst, C. (1973). The Flower Cookbook, New York: Lancer Larchmont Faust, R. and P. (1999). Wildflowers 1 cup buttermilk or 1/2 cup sourknife comes out clean when inserted. of the Inland Northwest, Coeur d Alene: Museum of North Idaho Clark, L.J. (1984). Lewis and Clarks Field Guide to Wild Flowers of Field and Slope of cream and 1/2 cup milk the Pacific Northwest, Seattle: University of Washington Press Hitchcock, 6 tablespoons wheat germ (orC.L., Cronquist, A. (2001). Flora of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle: University of Washington Press Weiner, M.A. (1972). Earth Medicine-Earth Foods, New ground oatmeal)Bake at 350 degrees for 35 to 40York: Macmillan Publishing CompanyBarker, J. (2004). The Encyclopedia of North American Wild Flowers, UK: 2 eggs, lightly beaten minutes in a 9 x 13 oblong baking dish Paragon Publishing Bremness, L. (1988). The Complete Book of Herbs, 2 cups Huckleberries London: Dorling Kiddersly Author not cited. (2015). Essential Oils Natural Remedies, Berkley, CA: Althea Press Bremness, L. (1990). Herbs RD Home Handbooks, Pleasantville, NY: Dorling Kindersly Ltd. Dobelis, I.N. Managing Editor. (1986). Readers Digest Magic and Medicine of Plants, Pleasantville, NY: Dorling Kindersly Ltd.5'