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14 Priest Lake Idaho Priest Lake Public Library The Priest Lake Public Library which was established in 1999 continues to grow and offer services to the community here at Priest Lake. The library currently houses over 12000 volumes in its collection which includes books audio books DVD and VHS and it has an extensive regional collection for those looking to find out some of the history of The Lake. The library offers public ac- cess to computers with broadband internet access and free Wi-Fi for laptop users 247. The library also offers exam proctoring scan- ning and faxing of documents and a meeting room is available for public use. There is a notary available as well please call for availability. The Priest Lake Public Library offers many programs throughout the year and Summer Reading programs for elementary school age children. We are here to help with research job training resume writing and other ser- vices that you may need. It is our mission to provide library and in- formation services to the patrons of the library to support lifelong learning and intellectual pursuits and to enhance the quality of life of our patrons and community residents. The Priest Lake Public Library is open five days a week Tuesday through Saturday Tues- daysThursdays and Fridays from 11am to 4pm Wednesdays from 11am to 6pm and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. The library also has winter hours of operation from October to May. You can call the library at 208443-2454 or con- tact them by email at plplibrary for more informa- tion about services or volunteer- ing at the library. Beverly Richmond Priest Lake Public Library Director WondrousUpperPriest Lake When Henry David Thoreau went to the woods around Walden Pond in 1845 over 170 years ago it could easily have been the treasured area that we know as Upper Priest Lake. While there are certainly signs of human habitation it is still relatively peaceful and pristine like Walden and it has somehow managed to escape much of the commercialism found with its lower counterpart. How good for us to have something so close. Who doesnt enjoy that slow lazy trip up the Thorofare almost like the jungle ride at Disneyland where its not unusual to observe animal life not many get to see in its natural habitat a moose taking a drink at the waters edge an osprey peering out from its nest at the top of a Tamarack an eagle perched on a branch or the fish seen swimming in the clear water. We have come to observe and be observed humans and nature. Its been a delicate balance between the upper and lower lakes over the years and many would agree that is has satisfied both ends of the spectrum the need to enjoy the water in the sporting sense and the other need to get away to the quiet serenity of the natural environment. Yet it is really our responsibility to keep it that way or it may erode and be lost to our children and beyond. So without sounding too preachy if we all followed some basic guidelines the Upper Lake can continue to be a place of tranquility peace and that natural getaway many of us so desperately need. Follow the Bonner County Boating Regulations for Priest Lake included in this Visitors Guide. Please keep the Upper Lake as a catch and release fish zone only. Respect the natural environment and others by leaving the loud noises and blaring music to the lower lake. But even following these basic guidelines the entrance may be cut off from motor- ized visitors due to excess silt from a weakening breakwater. This would be a sad development for those who cannot hike canoe or otherwise enjoy the natural beauty of the Upper Lake area. The Save the Thorofare Committee is trying desperately to maintain access to this wonderful place that Mother Nature in her wisdom has provided for us. See their article in this Visitors Guide. So please enjoy the Thorofare and Upper Priest Lake responsibly and make a do- nation to the Save the Thorofare project so it wont be just a memory but rather a living memorial. Buzzie Welch