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16 Priest Lake Idaho SavetheThorofareBy The Save the Thorofare Committee It is difficult for anyone who has ever visited Priest Lake to NOT know about the Thorofare and the Upper Priest Lake. If dear reader you are a new arrival to the treasures of the Priest Lake area we would direct you to immediately fire up your iPhone iPad lap or desk top and go to There you will get a short course in one of the dearest attractions at Priest Lake ID. For almost 100 years visitors to Priest Lake have boated from the main lake to its little sister lake far up at the north reaches of the waters. The Upper Lake a unique natural resource all by itself is accessed by about three miles of primitive scenic river. All kinds of vessels make quiet natural trips...and powered vessels are required to travel at no wake speeds. The Thorofare as the tributary is named has been has seen hundreds of vessels over a weekend make the journey. Kayaks canoes runabouts and pontoons...all are welcome as long you go slow and enjoy The leisurely sojourn will usually display a natural zoo of heron moose brazen ducks seeking a tossed Dorito eagles overhead and on occasion bear. There even have been some dubious reports of Bigfoot by visitors who have made the trip after stopping at most of our outstanding resorts on the way north. In the last few years a breakwater which protects the access to the Thorofare has received beatings by Mother Nature as well as showing it nearly century-old deterioration. It has developed several ruptures allowing stream flow to slow which in turn causes sediment and silt to begin closing the approach access to the Thorofare. Shortly the Upper Lake will be accessible only by hiking biking or paddling. This would prevent access to thousands who regularly visit this unique primitiveforestandriverbypoweredvessels. With cautious navigating the Thorofare is still accessible...but if the channel is not rehabilitated and the breakwater is not repaired soon shortly powered vessels will no longer be able to enjoy this landmark natural treasure. Whether you are a long-time Priest Laker or have just recently found it we invite you to visit our website and Facebook. You will get the full story with dozens of pictures of the areas beauty and photos of the problem we are facing. You also will be encouraged to donate to our Save the Thorofare project. At the sites youll be invited to donate by check credit card or PayPal. Donations are totally tax deductible Tax ID 20-1153027. Email us at Thanks to these Supporting Individuals Businesses and Organizations. Ron Mary Taylor Bob Amy Adams Scott Axworthy Fred Pecky Cox Fred Fritz Karla Cox Lana Cruse Janet Davis Roger Gregory Frank Barb ONeill Ken Allison Hagman Lois Hill Doug Veronica Tefft Jodi Haire Teri Hill David Helsby Keith Heidi Kopf Craig Missy Hill Jon Lehmann Richard Lyman Leo Malantis Robert Sandra Mansfield Jamie McLean Mike Traci Szybnski Dick Robyn Hay Edward Naranjo Bill Cheryl Papesh John Lori Moloney Valerie Peterson George Manos Alecia Barbieri Kammy Shyla Gail Cox Amanda Peterson Nancy Pool David Teri Pool Alfred Roberg Lowell Kathleen Ruen Mike Carol Rydbom Jim Patricia Skiffington Victoria Smith Allan Songstad Carrie Songstad Jacqueline Songstad Joel Karen Spencer Dyck Nancy Stiles Scott Strongin Stephanie Swinehart Rick Margie Walther Kristen Winn William Wolf Tom Eileen Barbieri Jane Jim Brausen Jeff and Kae Johnson Sonja Rosenthal Ace Hardware Priest River Blue Diamond Marina Copper Bay Construction Elkins Resort on Priest Lake Selkirk Ace Hardware Eagle Electric Hills Resort Huckleberry Bay Company Priest Lake KaniksuCoolin Lions Club Priest River Glass Tapping Grandmas Viewpoint Publishing LLC Sheris Home Interiors Priest Lake Search Rescue Inc. Heartland Payments Systems Priest Lake Invitation Golf Tournament