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34 Priest Lake Idaho Now we all have an opportunity to make an investment in our Priest Lake Community while also enjoying 2 TIMES THE FUN Two events benefit our Priest Lake Education Foundation PLEF that prepares local preschoolers for their K-6 grades. CHEZ PRIEST LAKE will feature French wines and food on Friday June 3rd at the Priest Lake Golf Course. This promises to be a FUN way to start the summer. Our family and guests have attended KIDSTOCK since it started in 2010. This year on Sunday July 17th your group can enjoy an afternoon of musical festivities scrumptious food drink and dancing on the sandy beach at Hills Resort. Four bands have volunteered to provide great entertainment. Hills staff together with volunteers from the communityprepare a wide variety of food. The RETURN on INVESTMENT to our community has been both measureable and very gratifying. Kindergarteners are now showing up on the first day with many skills that previously took most of the year to conquer. Each fall K - 3 students take an Idaho Reading Indicator IRI to determine their proficiency level on the alphabet letter sounds sight words multi-syllabic words and reading passages by 1st grade. For the past two years all kindergarteners have scored a 3 on the fall IRI which is outstanding. That means that they are arriving with the skills necessary to succeed and prosper throughout their kindergarten year and beyond. Important social skills taught in the preschool merely add to their accomplishments Evidence shows the children also experience a RETURN on INVESTMENT. Nationally children who enter kindergarten with an educational level behind their peers will experience a 55 high school dropout rate versus a 6 comparative rate for those most advanced preschoolers. Only 2 of the former will attend college versus 81 of those most prepared for kindergarten. See www. More information that makes your support of the Priest Lake Educational Foundation VERY COMPELLING can also be reviewed at Tickets and VIP passes supporting both functions are available by calling Hills at 208-443-2551 or at by Bill Papesh KidstockandChezPriestLake Great Returns Fun Investments