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35 Hills Resort has weathered the hard times and embraced the good times celebrated additions to generations of families that returned year after year and shared in the sadness over those that no longer can. It has stood witness to the rise and fall of economiesthe coming and going of presidents ice storms and global warmingcovered wagons and private jets and still it stands one of the still remaining handful of the pioneering ventures of Priest Lakes childhood. It all started with a drive up to a place now known as Hunt Creek and a proposal by Lloyd Hill to the soon-to-be Bess Hill followed by the birth of the would be ambitious George Hill who grew up spending summers at the lake and who decided at a young age that it was where he would spend his life. After finishing college and a stint in the Navy during WWII George returned to the lake and set about fulfilling his dream to own a business and someday raise a family of his own there. That dream became reality in 1946 with the purchase of the Farris Resort a lodge with seven cabins outhouses oil heat and a hand pump. For the next few years George remodeled upgraded and ran his resort but then one day everything changed A woman by the name of Lois Montecucco made the drive up from Spokane to come check out the handsome man her friends told her had bought the Farris Resort. George spotted her out with her friends at the Linger Longer Lodge and was instantly smitten. He asked around and found out that she worked for a doctor in Spokane. He soon took a trip to Spokane and marched into the doctors office and asked if it would be okay if he took the doctors receptionist to lunchand the rest is...well history. George and Lois were married a year later and Lois moved to the resort to begin adding a womans touch to the place and to start on that family George was still dreaming about. Five years and two children Teri and Craig later George and Lois decided it was time to expand the resort and bought Timms another resort in Luby Bay at the time. Timms main lodge and bar was moved next to the existing Farris Hills Resort and was joined by building what is now the dining room. Years later the birth of another son Scott the addition of more cabins and bigger docks a thriving restaurant nine-hole golf course and a successful boom in tourism saw the coming of age of George Hills lifelong dream. Enter the second generationConstantly surrounded by hundreds of resort guests every summer many who were also rearing their families on the same sandy beach during summers at the resort Teri Craig and Scott Hill grew up thinking they had a very large family. George and Lois included the children in the day-to-day operations whenever possiblebut there was always lots of time to share in all the excitement of the visitors and enjoy life at the lake. When the children got older they each took the opportunity to spread their wings and go off to school travel and work for others but eventually they all returned to be a part of the world they had always known. Now as adults each has carved out their niche and made the resort what it is today. Many weddings and celebrations held at the Resort owe their success to Teri Hill the resorts Marketing and Special Events coordinator. The Family Circle magazine was Teris first opportunity to work with national publications that would call to talk about their family resort. Teri has helped to promote the retreat-type atmosphere of Priest Lake and Hills Resort is now a popular destination for corporate retreats and weddings which look for the perfect blend of the serenity of Priest Lake and the sophistication that Hills Resort is known for. Craig has put his skills to work following in his fathers footsteps as General Hills Resort Celebrates 70years ofCreatingLifetimeMemories Manager of the Resort. Overseeing the day to day operations he has been the driving force behind many of the building and grounds projects that have not only increased the resorts capacity but also its appeal. He has been instrumental in turning the nine- hole course his parents built into the now 18-hole course along with an impressive remodel of the club house. The Priest Lake Golf Course will be celebrating its 50-year anniversary this year. Another feather- in-the-cap accomplishment is the recent expansion to the resorts deck which now can accommodate service for 60 diners. After spending time traveling and going to school Scott Hill returned to claim his place in Hills highly-acclaimed kitchen. Scott takes great pride in overseeing the preparation of Hills time-honored signature dishes and immense pleasure in creating exciting new ones that will be the signature dishes of the future. His always-friendly nature welcomes guests to come experience another side of the resort that is shared by both overnight guests and those who travel to the lake just to enjoy a great dining experience. Each has found his or her place in their fathers dream and along with their families and their mother Lois who after George passed on in 1990 continue to create dreams of their own and share their love of the lake with all who enter their home. 70 years and counting congratulations Hills Resort from all those who share the dream. by April Madden Engle