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38 Priest Lake Idaho AttheLakeIts going to be a sunny day and the fog is just starting to lift from the lake. I am sipping coffee and finishing up my messages and checking to see what FaceBook tells me I missed by going to bed early last night. Outside I see a water skier pass byand I give them a wave as I stroll down the deck stairs to my truck to begin my adventure. I take a short drive down the east side road to a trailhead on the east side of Priest Lake. As I hurl my mountain bike over the edge of the truck bedI am thinking about the last time I was on this same trail. It was in the middle of winter and I had gone for a snowmobile ride just after the groomer had hit half the road. I was able to cover ten miles of groomed track in about 15 minutes and meandered into vast powder fields where I wore myself out with high alpine bliss. Today Im laughing to myself because its early and the lake is silent. You 263-1441 520 N. Third Ave. Sandpoint ID 3-D Mammography 24-hour Emergency Department Anticoagulation Clinic Cardiac Rehabilitation Diagnostic Imaging Dietary Counseling Family Centered Maternity Unit Home Health Services Hospice Immediate Care Intensive Critical Care Unit Kootenai Clinic Cancer Services Occupational Health Physical Occupational Speech Therapy Psychiatric Services Sandpoint Womens Health Womens Imaging Center Wound Care Center can see half the lake from the trailhead and not a single boat in action. This is part of the reason that I am here the reason so many people are here at Priest Lake. There is an unrestrained beauty and yet a feeling of being alone in the mountains. As I climb the mountain road that has multiple hiking trailheads I reminisce about the many adventures I have had with family and friends in this area so close to the lake. I remember the time that my friend brought his dog with us on a hike and the dog was so excited by the smells of deer elk and moose that we lost him within the first mile of the hike. We searched for hours for that darn dog only to find him laying next to the truck back at the trailhead. I remember a family Christmas adventure when we all rented snowshoes from a local resort and snowshoed for hours just off the main road and it felt like we were in the middle of Alaska. As I reached my favorite vista on this trail I think back to the last time I was here with my best friend on a cross country skiing adventure. The view today is a lot warmer than it was then but the same serene beauty abounds - the reason that so many of us want to be at the lake. by Dave Lawless