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4 Priest Lake Idaho Priest Lake StateParkPriest Lake State Park is Idahos recreational headquarters. Its 755 acres includes 3 campgrounds 151 campsites 6 camper cabins a group camp area hiking biking cross country ski and snow shoe trails all on the crystal clear shores of 19 mile long Priest Lake. This unique year round family oriented park also has the family pet in mind with a pet area on the beach where you can swim or teach your dog to retrieve. A park store located at the Indian Creek camp ground has everything you need for your vacation including food camping fishing and boating gear books clothes and those unique gifts to remind you of the wonderful time you experienced at Priest Lake State Park. Priest Lake State Park offers exciting and educational interpretive programs during the summer including evening programs day hikes and arts and crafts for the kids and recreational programs where you can learn to water ski. Located adjacent to the three park campgrounds is thousands of acres of state and federal land ready for more inspiring activities for the family. Hike to mountain lakes experience the view from a fire tower ride you mountain bike ATV or motorcycle on hundreds of miles of gravel roads as you look for deer moose bear or the very edible huckleberry. In the winter you can snowmobile from the campground and access 400 miles of groomed snowmobile trails that encompass Priest Lake. Where else could you snow ski in the morning atop a mountain and swim in the afternoon only at Priest Lake State Park.Whether you enjoy winter or summer activities lying on a white sandy beach or exploring the wonders of nature come to the place where memories are made Priest Lake State Park. GroomerCommitteePriest Lake The Priest Lake Groomer Committee has been in existence for three to four decades. We currently have a very active eleven-member board providing the best groomed snowmobile trails in the area. Our first groomer facility is attached to the Nordman fire station and was constructed using funds from two state grants that Lonnie Johnson current Priest Lake State Park manager wrote in 2002. About six to eight years ago our groomer committee wrote a grant to the State of Idaho Park and Recreation for approximately 200000. With assistance from the Priest Lake Ambulance Committee and major benefactors around the lake we also established the second groomer facility located just south of Coolin. On a yearly basis the Priest Lake Groomer Committee operates the grooming activities with approximately 40000. These funds come from a major portion of the snowmobile licenses that are sold in AREA 9A. We currently have a 2007 groomer stationed at Nordman and a 2016 groomer at Coolin both owned by the State of Idaho State Park and Recreation. We meet at 900am the first and third Fridays of each month during the winter months at the Coolin Groomer facility. We also help with providing volunteers for various eventssuch as the Priest Lake Spring Festival. Visitors are always welcome. For further information please contact Russ Brown chairman 208 443-2809 or 509 981-1670. LakeProjects Anyone who lives at Priest Lake knows that never a summer goes by that some sort of project has to be done. It takes people with the real pioneer spirit to live here year-round so for the majority of us wimps we close up shop sometime after Labor Day and reopen around Memorial Day. The winter months can take their toll so its a lucky year when we can open up our cabins to a relatively minimal amount of repairs. But at our cabin we havent missed a project since we started building in 1994. We thought we had built a big enough place to house our family comfortably. But the kids grew up got married and had kids of their own We need a bunkhouse so we built one. Oh and that tree that came down on the cabin Well we always wanted the room it fell on bigger so lets expand. Hey does that dock look a little catawampus Yup water had soaked the cedar log through. Hmm I wonder if we could make it more buoyant by putting a couple plastic barrels underneath it Oh gee our ramp got destroyed in that last storm well have to build a new one. Its bad news The outhouse is nearly full. Well have to dig another hole and move it. Hey Nico I yell to my eight-year- old grandson Dont jump on that plastic pipe thats our water line. Oops too late. I hope we have some couplers and PVC cement or its about a two hour return trip to the hardware store. Oh oh grandma just fell through a step leading up to the cabin and sprained her ankle. Well have to replace those stairs. Im thinking well use Trex this time. That stuff never rots. Grandpa when are we gonna finish the treehouse Dominic says. Oh yeah I forgot about that one. Okay lets take a look at it and see what we need I reply. And since weve taken up the new Drinkin n Thinkin philosophy at the