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5 YOUR HISTORY YOUR BOOK A History of Priest Lake Idaho Kris Runberg Smith with Tom Weitz Dazzled by abundant natural resources a wide cast of hopefuls tried their best to tame Idahos Priest Lake. Wild Place focuses on little-known stories of the colorful characters who navigated its demanding challenges. Available at bookstores online at or by phone at 800-354-7360 Paperback 24.95 ISBN 978-0-87422-329-3 May 2015 Wild Place lake the projects get even weirder. What about going up in that tree and making a zip line to the lake and splashing down. What if we get an electric winch hook it to a wagon and haul stuff up the hill to the cabin. How about making a Frisbee golf course around the property or better yet an underwater keg with a line that goes up to the swim dock. Sometimes I envy the two-week vacationers who stay at the resort have everything catered and lie around enjoying themselves then leave without the responsibility of maintaining anything. Nah It wouldnt be Priest Lake without a project to make you really feel youre alive by Buzzy Welch