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Upper Priest Lake

Geisingers Campground (Map #15): Two campsites at the mouth of Upper Priest Lake where it empties into the Thorofare - on east shore. Heavy close-in boat traffic during summer.

Plowboy Campground(Map #16): Four campsites on the southwest shore of Upper Priest Lake.

Trapper Creek Camground (Map #17): Five campsites on the northeast shore of Upper Priest Lake.

Navigation Campground (Map #18): Four campsites on the northwest shore of Upper Priest Lake.


Bottle Bay Campground: Although this campground is located on Bottle Bay on Priest Lake, it shares the same characteristics as the Upper Priest Lake campgrounds. It has seven campsites and is located on the northwestern shore of Priest Lake, approximately 2-1/2 miles from the northern end of the lake.

All Upper Priest Lake campgrounds share the characteristics indicated below:

  • No drinking water.
  • Vault toilets; fire rings; PACK-IT-IN PACK-IT-OUT.
  • No fee; first-come, first-served.
  • Beach area.
  • Accessible only via watercraft or hiking.

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