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Compliments of  Priest Lake Groomer Advisory Board &
Priest Lake Chamber Of Commerce
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What to expect and what not to expect regarding groomed trails.

Often everything goes right and trails are well groomed and can hold up to heavy traffic. But there are many things that occur that can leave the trails in marginal or bad condition.

1) Snow conditions:
If the snow is to dry it will not compact and the trails will not support traffic.
If the snow is very wet it is difficult to groom leaving an uneven surface.
If it is wet and turns very cold you get ice and that does not groom very well.

2) If it has been snowing a lot the groomers have a difficult time keeping up. We have around 400 miles of groomed trails.

3) Even though we have newer groomers, they tend to break-down and they need servicing.

4) Occasionally groomer operators have sick days.

5)  All of the individuals on groomer committee are volunteers – they do not get paid.

6) The fee you pay for a snowmobile license is the main source of income to operate and maintain the groomers. That license fee, which is for one year’s use of the groomed trail system, is less that what you would pay for one day at a ski resort.

If the State increases the license fees that could provide more groomers and operators. But that would not change those difficult to groom snow conditions that Mother Nature dishes out.

We hope this provides you with an understanding of why the groomed trails aren’t always what we would like. Enjoy your ride and be safe.

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