b'BeachesByBecky PalmerIf it is true that Priest Lake is the Crown Jewel of Idaho, then the strand of sandy beaches, bright as beads, which surround this pristine lake are its exquisite necklace. Under the diligent watch of the regal Selkirk Mountains, 530,000 acres of national and state forest land provide the backdrop to72milesofshoreline,muchofwhichiscoveredwith lovely sand the color of light toast. Sometimes minute flecks ofmicacapturejusttherightreflectionofsunlightsoit appears as if the beach has been delicately sprinkled with miniature diamond baguettes.Campers are fortunate to have several U.S. Forest Service Campgrounds available with access to magnificent lengths of sandy beach. There are two State Campgrounds located rightonsplendidexpansesofbeachaswell.Oneofthe campgrounds, Indian Creek is open year-round. Beaches afford hours of leisurely fun and relaxation for adults and children to enjoy crackling campfires, swimming, snorkeling,buildingsandcastles,orjust veggingwitha good book under an umbrella or beach tent. They provide accessforboating,waterskiingandtubing.Thelakeis filled with a thriving fish population including Rainbow and CutthroatTrout,DollyVarden,andrecord-sizeMackinawOver 100 Northwest Artists FeaturedEventsDemonstrationsClassestrout. Some visitors simply enjoy walking along the beach, keepinganeyeopenforcuriouslyshapedrocksora translucent agate.O ur mission is to support and promote local and regional artists in a culturally A visit to Upper Priest Lake, one of Mother Natures lessenriching environment; to provide an inviting and positive atmosphere for the well-knowngems,isalagniappe(smallgift)availabletocommunity; to continue to cultivate a clientele base developed andthose willing to navigate the narrow Thorofare connectingnurtured since 1977 through exceptional customer service.the two bodies of crystal clear water. There are a number of small patches of sandy beach available with rustic campsites nearby.A clear night on the shore of Upper Priest will grant208 443-2001you an unforgettable view of the Milky Way.Open daily at 10amThis summer, seek out a sunny spot on a sandy Priest Lake beach, squish warm sand between your toes and take1755 Reeder Bay RoadNordman, ID83848a deep breath. This experience is the best life has to offer.entreegallery.comfacebook.com/entreegallery14 Priest Lake, Idahowww.priestlake.org'