b'Priest Lake recreational area in Bonner County is 9A. What can you do to support 9A?When registering recreationalvehicles,snowmobiles,and/orfour-wheelers indicate region 9A on your application.These registrationfeesdirectlysupportourgroomed-trail systems, hiking trails and public launches. Come enjoy Priest Lake and surrounding areas!MotherNaturecreatedapictureperfect marriageofearlywintersnow,spectacular sceneryandmanybrightsunnydaysinthe Priest Lake Basin. This natural winter paradise, coupled with the areas love affair with snowmobiles, has produced a groomed-trail system in excess of 400 miles and a local business orientation that caters to snowmobile enthusiasts.ThegroomedtrailsystemencirclesbothPriest Lake and Upper Priest Lake and affords easy access to spectacularpowder-pushingplayareas.Snowmobile trails are mostly on either state or federal forest service roads ranging in elevation from 2,500 to over 7,000-feet. Thetrailstraversethroughheavytimber,windswept ridges and snow-filled bowls above the tree line.Doyouthrillatthethoughtofawe-inspiring panoramic views, the beauty of natures snow castles, and the winter wonderland of deep forests with trees heavilyladenwithgreatheapingmoundsofsnow? If any of this stirs the cockles of your heart, and its sometime between November and April, you probably need to be loading the sleds and heading for Priest Lake. ThingstoknowaboutridingatPriest Lake: There is no need to trailer your sled to a trailhead. The trail system can be easily accessed from the doorstep of most of the areas resorts and lodging establishments. Snowmobilerentalsarereadilyavailablethrough the recreation equipment rental outlets. 18 Priest Lake, Idahowww.priestlake.org'