b'Priest Lake Museum Heritage Speakers Series :JULY 10 - 7pm Priest LakeSummer 2019at the Community ChurchPriest Lake MuseumFellowship Room This summer the Priest Lake Museum will unveil our new outdoor The History of Lingerexhibitonminingaroundthelake.Panelstelloftheoptimistic Longer Lodge Presented byexplorationsanddisappointingrealitiesofsourdoughsseeking Doni Guyer. their fortunes at Priest Lake.The exhibit incorporates into the story theWoodratMinesteamboilerandorecar,bothlocatedbehind the museum.Visitors can also enjoy the featured exhibit inside the JULY 17 - 7pm Coolin Communitymuseum exploring the regions rich logging history and discover the Hallrecreated bunkhouse.You can also explore mining sites in Kalispell BayMyth Busters: Priestduring two guided walks.On July 11 and July 25 at 9am, meet museum Lake Edition Presented byvolunteers at the Kalispell Bay Day Use parking lot.Check with the museum for more information.Kris Runberg Smith.The museum has also planned an exciting Heritage Speakers Series for July. Doni Guyer kicks off the series on July 10 at a new location, the JULY 24 - 7pm Coolin CommunityCommunity Church Fellowship Room.She will be sharing her history and family stories of Linger Longer Lodge.On July 17, at the Coolin HallCommunityHall,museumhistorianKrisRunbergSmithpresents Feathered Friends ofMythBusters: Priest Lake Edition as she looks at the facts and mysteries Priest Lake Presented bysurrounding the lakes most enduring stories.At the Coolin Community Robert Bond. Hall on July 24, the best birder on the lake, Robert Bond, shares his knowledge and photographs with Feathered Friends of Priest Lake. Copies of his book, Birds of the Priest Lake Ecosystem, will be available. JULY 31 -7pm Priest LakeAnd on July 31, in the Community Church Fellowship Room, naturalist Community ChurchJackNisbetroundsouttheserieswith JohnB.Leiberg:Surveying Priest Lakes Potential in 1898.Nisbets newest book, The Dream and Fellowship Roomthe Doctor: A Forest Lover and A Physician on the Edge of the Frontier, John B. Leiberg: Surveyingtraces the unlikely adventures of John and Carrie Leiberg around the Priest Lakes PotentialIdaho Panhandle, including his landmark 1898 survey of Priest Lake.in 1898 Presented by JackThe museum will again offer our Priest Lake StoryCorps project to capture special stories and memories of the lake.Inspired by the Nisbet. nationalStoryCorpsprogram,onechooses a friend, neighbor or loved one to interview abouttheirexperiencesatthelake.The museum facilitator takes care of the recording and provides you a copy to take home.The museum preserves your interview and also sends it to the StoryCorps collection, housed at the Library of Congress:https://archive.storycorps.org/user/priest-lake-museum/.Sign up for your session this summer at priestlakemuseum@gmail.com or call 208-443-2676.36 Priest Lake, Idahowww.priestlake.org'