b'CROWN JEWEL REALTYH H HTHE PROPERTY SHOPPELet me find your Priest Lake dream.SNOWSHOEING ATI am your year around Priest LakePRIEST LAKE real estate professional.Aftertheweatherchangesfromsummertofall,Karen Schuster-Driftmeyer, theres a chill in the air and the snow starts to fly.ItsBroker/Ownertime to hang up the hiking boots and do something different.How about snowshoeing? c 509 869-6533o 208 443-7103Instead of sinking down in the snow when walkingkarendriftmeyer@yahoo.comwith boots, snowshoes allow you to stay on top of the snow.With endless miles of trails and roads, snowshoespropshoppe.com are a great way to discover the Priest Lake area during28392 Hwy 57, Suite 1, Priest Lake, Idaho 83856the winter months.Snowshoeingisanactivityforallagesandhas becomeoneofthefastest-growingwintersportsin the U.S.It really is as simple as strapping them on, grabbing a pair of poles and heading out the door.The Priest Lake area offers adventures for everyone. Takeyourpick:anicestrollalongthelake,awalk onagroomedtrail,orforthemoreadventurous types, trekking out into some of the less-traveled and untracked trails!If you need a place to start, check with the local resorts regarding rentals and trails.Or check out the Priest Lake Winter Recreation Trails Map for trailhead locations. Maps are available at local stores. Several areas around the lake offer groomed trails that can be usedforcrosscountryskiingandsnowshoeing.Go topriestlake.orgforacurrentgroomingreport.Out of courtesy to the volunteer groomers and the skiers, please stay off the cross country tracks that have been set for the skiers.Lastly, dont forget to purchase your winter park and ski permit available at local stores.As with all winter activities, take some simple precautions to end the day well: Take a few friends along Tell someone where you are going Dress in layers (body temperature changes quickly) Drink plenty of waterSo whether youve been snowshoeing for years or you are just ready to try something new, get out and take in the sparkle of a beautiful winter day.Its time to enjoy some fun and exercise with family and friends! byPatty Engle38 Priest Lake, Idahowww.priestlake.org'