b'Its Raining, Its Pouring,But Priest Lake Is Never Boring!Fun things to do on a rainy day at Priest Lake!by Reny RoseIn Scandinavia they have words to describe the joy of badfamily and friends! See whats on the other side weather. In Sweden, they call it mysigt; in Norway, its koselig; andof the lake, grab some coffee and pastries, and the Danes call it hyggelig. Literally, these words mean cozy, buttry the menu at a new restaurant! Maybe youll actually the point is to use a rainy day to enjoy good food, goodsee some wildlife on the way! Here are some company and good times with friends and family. highlights youll want to include:Sometimes, a rainy day at home can feel warm and cozy, and can even be a much needed vacation from your vacation. But not when you need to entertain friends and family from out of town,PRIEST LAKE MUSEUM with their three antsy kids, and you feel cooped up with your mother-in-law. And yes, we all have that one friend who likes to go swimming, fishing or hiking in the rain. But for the rest of us, a rainy day can mean our fun activities get canceled, and we end up having that family picnic all cramped up in the living room.Aside from baking cookies, playing cards and board games, maybe toasting those marshmallows in the fireplace, (or, **.sigh.** watching everyone sit around, staring into their cell phones all day), how can you make the most of a rainy day at Priest Lake? How can you find mysigt, koselig, and hyggelig?I know a mom who throws a mini treasure hunt. Each child gets a matchbox to fill with as many tiny objects as they can finda paper clip, a penny, a screw, a pea or piece of popcorn, a button, a bead, a piece of Lego, etc. Little kids get really excited and scurry around to find the most treasures. She figures, for the $1 prize, she gets a few minutes of peace, while getting her whole house tidied of all the things that will clog her vacuum. (Unfortunately, teens dont seem nearly as impressed with this game.)A rainy day is a great time to go on a Priest Lake road trip, enjoying some good food, good company and good times with 6 Priest Lake, Idahowww.priestlake.org'