Roosevelt Grove of Ancient Cedars and Granite Falls

Roosevelt GroveThe grandeur of 800-2,000+ year old living cedar trees awaits you at the Roosevelt Grove of Ancient Cedars located 13 miles north of Nordman on Forest Road 302 (an extension of State Highway 57). The trees in this virgin forest are up to 12 feet in diameter and 150 feet tall. 

A short trail from the lower grove will lead you to the base of Lower Granite Falls. Here, Granite Creek cascades down a narrow, sheer rock wall with a thunderous roar. A one-mile loop trail from the lower cedar grove takes you to vista points above the Lower falls where both Lower and Upper Granite Falls may be viewed. Continue another 1/2 mile from the vista points and you will arrive at the upper cedar grove.

Granite FallsOnce sufficient snow falls, the route (from approximately four miles north of Nordman to the grove) is closed to wheeled vehicle traffic and is opened as a primary snowmobile route. The grove, and especially the creek and falls can be even more spectacular in the winter with various ice formations creating a surreal effect. As the snow clears, the spring runoff creates an awesome volume of water spilling over the falls. Be prepared to be doused by copious amounts of spray from the falls if you visit during runoff!

The campground and picnic area located in the lower grove is named STAGGER INN after a fire camp that was used in 1926. At that time the road extended only as far as Nordman. Firefighters, weary from hiking and battling blazes, more or less staggered into the camp. Thus, the name STAGGER INN was adopted.

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