Whitetail Butte

The view from Whitetail Butte offers something unique each time you ascend this 3,000-foot mound that rises abruptly from the Jack Pine Flats. The butte is only a few minutes travel from Coolin and the south end of the lake.

In summer, unspoiled views of the mountains surrounding the south end of the lake unfold before you. In fall, you may be greeted by a cloudbank between you and the forest floor, which affords a very different view of the Selkirk mountain peaks nudging their way through the fluffy cloud layer. In winter, the butte makes an exciting snowmobile ride with new vistas around each turn. In spring, a birds-eye view of turbulent runoff waters rushing down Priest River is an awesome sight. Whatever the time of year, Whitetail Butte is a close-in getaway that offers grand vistas and provides an ideal picnic site among the trees at the top of the butte.

To reach Whitetail Butte from Coolin, travel south on East River Road (State Forest Road #1) until it intersects with State Forest Road #12 (5-1/2 miles). Turn right (west) onto Road #12 and proceed 3/4-mile to the intersection with State Forest Road #121. Turn left (south) onto Road #121 and follow it to the top of the butte. Most of the road from the base of the butte to the top is too narrow for two-way traffic and a high clearance vehicle is recommended. Be alert for oncoming vehicles and be prepared to back-up some distance to a bypass point if an oncoming vehicle is encountered.

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