Thorofare to Upper Priest Lake

ThorofarePriest Lake is linked to Upper Priest Lake by a narrow waterway termed the Thorofare. The 2.5-mile channel meanders through some of nature's most spectacular forested scenery. The entire length is protected from human development since it lies within the boundaries of the Upper Priest Lake Scenic Area.

All watercraft traversing the Thorofare are restricted to "no wake" speed. This speed restriction makes the Thorofare an ideal waterway for canoeists and kayakers. The shallow, crystal clear water affords an unrestricted view of the channel bottom. The large trees that have fallen into the Thorofare over the years seem to come alive and create a surreal effect as you pass over them.

Upper PriestAlong the banks of the Thorofare, the wonders of nature can be observed close-up and personal. Wildlife of all varieties is a common sight, and you will likely observe numerous fish pass beneath your boat. Be on the lookout for bald eagles, ospreys, numerous duck species and the occasional moose - which may decide to swim across the channel in front of your boat!

Enjoying the solitude and beauty of boating on the Thorofare is truly a unique nature adventure that should not be missed

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