Indian Rock Pictographs

Indian Rock is the site of pictographs that are believed to have originated with the presence of Native Americans in the Priest Lake area. The pictographs belong to what is classified as Eastern Plateau Style of prehistoric rock art. The presence of this pictographic style in the Priest Lake region is an indication of the influence of Plains Indians on local tribes.

This influence occurred after the introduction of the horse among the local tribes in the 1730s. The horse facilitated contact and intercultural exchanges with Plains Indians through annual bison hunting trips into the plains region.

Indian Rock is located within the rocky point at the north end of Kalispell Bay.

Although research is ongoing, it is likely the pictographs are the artwork of the Kalispel tribe. Throughout the early history of Priest Lake, the Kalispels made frequent journeys to the area to hunt game, fish, gather berries, etc.

The pictographs can best be viewed via boat. It is requested that visitors to Indian Rock remain in their vessel, as the area in the immediate vicinity of the pictographs is a sensitive anthropological and historical site.

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