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Cross Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing at Priest Lake!

The Idaho State Park ‘N’ Ski parking permit program will again be conducted at Priest Lake. Permits are necessary to park at the various groomed locations in the Kaniksu Forest Region. Permit vendors are Hill's Resort, Priest Lake PowerSports, and Tamrak Hardware on the west side of the lake. On the east side, permits are sold at Indian Creek Campground. Parking permits are reciprocal with the states of Washington and Oregon Nordic programs. Permit costs are $25 for a season permit, and $7.50 for a 3-day permit.

Parking areas include the road bordering the golf course, the Catholic Church across the highway from the golf course, Hill's Resort, and Hanna Flats. 

Grooming for Track Skiing will be done at the golf course. The trail connecting Hill's Resort to the golf course, and the trail system at Hanna Flats will be regularly groomed for track skiing. At Indian Creek, the trails will be groomed weekly, and, Indian Creek campground has a new snowshoe and fat tire bike trail system (about 1.5 miles) and has a lake view.

The Rocky Point trail system is optimal for snowshoeing.

The headquarters of the Nordic Sports Club (NSC) is at Hill's Resort.  Restrooms, food and beverages are available at Hill's Resort, Nordman Resort and after 4pm at Millie’s on the west side. On the east side, food, beverages and restrooms are available at Moose Knuckle or Ardy's Cafe. Other restaurants may be available during limited winter hours, particularly on weekends. Information regarding ski and snow shoe locations and weather conditions may be obtained at these locations centers. 

Enjoy the pristine beauty of the Priest Lake region which waits with tracked areas, or unlimited trackless trails and roads for skiing and snowshoeing. Please visit here for the most current grooming updates. Local Nordic Club members may be consulted for trail conditions, call (208)443-3191 for references.

Click here to view the Snowmobile Groomed Trail Report

Click here to view the Nordic Trail Report


Priest Lake Snowmobile Trail Map


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