Selkirk Alpine Lakes

Selkirk Alpine LakesThe numerous alpine lakes cradled deep within the Selkirks are one of the most outstanding attractions of the area. These lakes, combined with the access trails to them, provide the outdoor enthusiast a taste of some of Mother Nature's finest handiwork.

The most spectacular of these mountain lakes are in the mountains above the east side of Priest Lake. They include Hunt Lake, Fault Lake, Standard Lake and numerous others nestled in high mountain bowls.

The roads and trails into these gems vary greatly in difficulty of travel. If you are not familiar with the route to your destination lake, it is best to check with the Idaho Department of Lands office at the foot of Cavanaugh Bay before you depart. They can update you on road/trail conditions and other activities in the area such as logging operations, etc.

The reward for the more rigorous terrain is that fewer people will be encountered along the route and at the alpine lake. Some of the lakes can be visited in a day trip while other more isolated lakes will require overnight camping. If you enjoy backpacking, camping in the wilderness, and fishing alpine lakes, you won't be disappointed in trekking to these secluded hideaways--and exploring the unpublished trail systems that link many of these lakes.

There are two popular alpine lakes in the mountains on the west side of Priest Lake. They are Petit Lake Muskegon Lake.  Both lakes have a vehicle parking area nearby. If you are so inclined, drop a line in either lake and you will likely have a fish on the other end in a blink of an eye. Since both of these lakes are located in Washington, fishing regulations of that state apply.

NOTE: This trails to the alpine lakes system are not maintained and travel may include negotiating downfalls, brush, and other obstacles. Land navigation equipment and skills may be required to remain on the correct roads and trails as some are not well marked. High clearance or 4X4 vehicles are recommended to access trailheads. Information and maps for the east side alpine lakes are available at the Idaho Department of Lands office at the foot of Cavanaugh Bay.

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