Biking and Cycling Around Priest Lake

Biking in North Idaho’s Priest Lake


Mountain Bike in Priest LakePriest Lake is an ideal location for cyclists of all skill levels to enjoy the challenges of mountains and the beauty of forests. The rider can tackle 4,000′ climbs to the peaks on the east side of the Lake – or enjoy a leisurely ride on the Lakeshore Trail complete with a picnic on an isolated Priest Lake beach on the west side. Wherever you choose to bike at Priest Lake, you will enjoy open spaces, clean air and friendly natives.

USFS/State forest roads are very popular biking routes. These roads range from well maintained to primitive with varying degrees of difficulty. The Priest Lake Trails pamphlet available at the USFS Priest Lake Ranger District headquarters indicates which hiking trails are open to biking. The best route information is often available from employees of the Priest Lake resorts and other local recreation businesses. These local riders are always willing to share trail information and provide you with tips for biking the Priest.

Like competition?

Visit for the variety of local races from bike to triathlons. Several good routes, including single-track loop trails, can be accessed immediately from many of the resorts located around the Lake. Generally, the steepest terrain is to the east and north of the Lake while the mountains to the west and south of the Lake are more gradual, but still very challenging.