Moose Lake Fishing Pond

The Moose Lake Fishing Pond has become a great place for the kids to experience fishing success - and a few parents and grandparents have been known to drop a line in Moose Lake too. The lake is privately owned, but open to the public.

An attractive feature of the pond is the two pathways that lead most of the way around the north and south shorelines - however, they do not connect. Approach the pond carefully as moose are known to frequent the lake. You may also be able to spot an elusive wood duck on the pond or an occasional osprey circling above.

Duck - Photography by Lori Barnes Moose Lake's location within the beautiful forest of Huckleberry Bay creates the perfect environment for a day of fast-action fishing for young and old alike. The pond is liberally stocked with trout twice yearly by Idaho Fish & Game. Benches and a picnic table are also available - so bring a lunch and enjoy. Please remember, this is private property and access rights can be withdrawn if the pond is abused with litter, etc. - PACK-IT-IN PACK-IT-OUT. Idaho fishing regulations apply at the pond.

 Moose Lake Fishing Pond is located just off the Eastshore Road approximately ½ mile north of milepost 16. A road sign clearly marks the turn-off to the parking area, which is located a few yards off the main roadway. The pond is approximately 1/4 mile south of the parking area via a marked trail.