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Dungeons and Dragons:
The Lost Pearls of Deep Sashelas

Last month, after enjoying an evening at The Leaky Goat Inn in the village of Whiteridge, players, with the help of a mysterious knight, were compelled to track down a Perryton, a monstrous half-stag, half-eagle beast that had been hunting and killing locals. With the monster slain, the knight revealed himself to be Prince Leighton, and invited the group to The Quiet Palace, where they will join him in his greater quest: finding the lost pearls of Deep Sashelas!

Feel free to jump in to the group at the beginning of any session! Premade characters can be provided if desired. Please show up at least 30 minutes early if you plan to bring your own.

Note: There are two sessions planned this month! Please see the respective dates below!

Must be 13 or older to participate.
Refreshments for lunch provided.
Session One: Saturday, May 8th @12:00 PM
Session Two: Saturday, May 22nd @11:00 AM

Please Register! or 208-443-2454


May 22 2021


11:00 am - 2:00 pm

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