Huff Lake Interpretive Site

The Huff Lake Interpretive Site is an example of a valley peatland located in north Idaho. Peatlands are formed when large amounts of organic material or “peat” accumulate in a waterlogged area. The deep layers of peat transform the area into a harsh habitat – wet; acidic, nutrient-poor – but remarkably stable and long lived. Volunteer partners have constructed an informational kiosk, viewing platform, and approximately 90 feet of boardwalk with interpretive signing for visitors to use. Huff Lake is also a popular spot for moose and other forest critters. Come check out this unique setting and the beauty that comes with it. But please enjoy Huff Lake from the deck and trail only as it is very sensitive to disturbance.


Trail Access

  • Travel 11 ¼ miles north from Nordman,
  • Following State Highway 57 and Forest Road 302 (gravel) until you see the interpretive signs on the east side of the road.